Investment Portfolio of TJUVHOLMEN VENTURES

Each one of these companies has the potential to make a global impact. They fall across a wide ranges categories: consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, biotechnology, healthcare, and more. When making an investment, the potential of the company, quality of the idea, and the quality of the team are more important to us than any particular stage or market sector.

Auto Tjuvholmen

Auto Tjuvholmen is your provider of high-end vehicles and car services in Norway. We are located in the new and modern premises at Tjuvholmen next to Aker Brygge. In addition to being an exclusive dealer and importer to Norway of Fisker Automotive we also specialize in BMW and Lexus. Auto Tjuvholmen has the necessary network and expertise to operate with highly competitive prices and offer both financing, leasing, and insurance to our customers. The Auto Tjuvholmen Group has successfully built a disruptive automotive business in Norway taking a strong position in new digital age of the automative industry.


Auto Fornebu

Auto Fornebu is a next generation aftermarket center located at Fornebu, 5 minutes from Oslo city centre. It operates 2500 sum of aftermarket operations with a cutting edge hybrid/electric vehicle workshop, which also does more advanced operations such as aluminum body work, battery swaps/repairs and emission tests.


Nabobil is Norways biggest and leading peer to peer marketplace for underutilized personal vehicles. Rent by the hour, day, or week or month. Complete insurance is included and it's zero risk for car owners. It's completely free to join and you get access to your own virtual garage with cars of all genres. Nabobil has more than 70 000 users and more than 5000 cars on the platform. Nabobil is leading the car sharing revolution in Scandinavia.



Nettbil is Norways first online peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling used cars, where transactions can be carried out entirely with a smart phone or a PC. It was launched in 2016. Buying and selling used cars, unfortunately, hasn't changed for decades. Nettbil replaces the used car lot with a system that connects buyers and sellers in a radical new way. No negotiating, no trips to the dealer, no surprises – and no commission to sales rep. Which means a better price for everyone.


Fisker Automotive

Fisker Norway is the importer of Fisker cars to Norway. Together whith Henrik Fisker we launched the Fisker Karma in Norway which was a technological marvel — a fusion of luxury, comfort and breathtaking design that turned heads wherever it traveled. It was the first premium electric vehicle with a range extender and full-length solar roof, not to mention the first car of its kind to incorporate reclaimed wood in its interior. In 2017 Fisker Inc relaunched developing unique, high-performance, electric vehicles with new game-changing battery technology, our mission is to bring to life the next generation of electric vehicles to meet the challenges of range and cost.


Automotive X

Auto X is an automative software an engineering lab dedicated to research and development of groundbreaking products within the automative sector. The company already provides advanced automated software for some of the most advanced car systems in the country.



With over 10 years of experience meeting the demands of commercial and domestic customers alike, NorgesGass are experts in energy. NorgesGass work with its customers to understand their needs and present the right solution for them. Today NorgesGass operate all over Norway with over 50 local stations in its franchise. The company has already extended its offer beyond LPG into Natural Gas, LNG, Aerosol gas and renewable energies such as solar and biomass. So whether the customer is looking for energy for business or use at home, NorgesGass has a sustainable answer for you.



KeyTouch develope, manufacture and market Control and Display Solutions Membrane Technology with Electronic and Mechanical solutions to provide customized turnkey products to domestic and international OEM customers. The products can be found in virtually any field, but our main business areas are the maritime, defense, medical and industrial sectors. Keytouch develops standard marine products that can be used without modification, or can be modified to customer specification.



Telipol is developing and selling calling tools with cutting-edge technologies and a focus on user experience. The team is working from offices in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim). Pushing boundaries on what’s possible in Cloud telecom. Telipol currently delivers its services to over 15 000 users . The company is passionate about mobile technology combining excellent in-house made software with an intelligent business model.



NetClient has been providing hosting, managed services and outsourcing for enterprises since 1999. They have extensive experience both running large web applications (SaaS) and as an IT outsourcing partner. Netclients managed and cloud services combined provides the best user experience and a safe transition to Cloud services. With their IT as a Service philosophy, they deliver cost efficient stable solutions with high availability, flexibility and security.
Netclient was sold in 2016 to the Braathe Group.

VISIT NETCLIENT is a service that automates bookkeeping and provides financial advice and support through the use of Artificial Intelligence (“A.I.”). Meet Victoria, your new CFO and your first Digital Accountant. Victoria is unique. As one of the first artificially intelligent accountants in the world, she is set to revolutionize the way we experience bookkeeping and financial management. Assisted by machine learning algorithms and proprietary vision technology, she has been trained on more than 100 million accounting transactions to accurately predict what to do in almost any situation. Proudly built in Norway, Victoria is here to change the world!


The Online Backup Company

From 2005 to 2014 we built The Online Backup Company into one of the leading providers of online backup and disaster recovery solutions in Europe, with a customer base of more than 5000 businesses in the medium to large enterprise segment – within both private and public sector. In May 2014 the company was successfully sold to J2 Global Inc. (NASDAQ:Jcom).



One of Norways fastest growing Accounting companies who specialises in accounting, financial reporting and payroll services based on 24SevenOffice system infrastructure, sold to PriceWaterHouseCoopers in 2011.



24SevenOffice gives your business a complete ERP system with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Financials, Project Management , inFlow and more. As a 100% web-based business software delivered on Cloud Computing – as a service over the Internet (Software as a Service). This means that you can say goodbye to expensive consultants, servers, licenses and installations, and instead pay per user in a fully scalable system that you never grow out of. With full integration of all modules and external services – you have everything in one place, one vendor, one system.



NorgesHydrogen is a spin-off from the NorgesGass investment. NorgesGass has With over 10 years of experience meeting the demands of commercial and domestic customers alike, NorgesGass are experts in energy. NorgesGass work with its customers to understand their needs and present the right solution for them. Today NorgesGass operate all over Norway with over 50 local stations in its franchise. The company has already extended its offer beyond LPG into Natural Gas, LNG, Aerosol gas and renewable energies such as solar and biomass.



Auto Tjuhvolmen and General Motors Europe established the first ever Norwegian joint venture in 2012. The Opel franchise is a completely new approach to selling Opel cars in Norway. After the first full year of operations the joint venture became the fourth largest Opel dealer in Norway.



Vyke is a UK-based, mobile VoiP provider with over ten years experience in the field. Vyke provides consumer communication services. B2B communication services are provided under the VykeBusiness brand. Vyke also provides 3rd Party call and SMS termination. Vyke has developed a SDK/API’s and fully managed end-to-end white label of the new product to allow other service providers to create their own services using Vyke’s infrastructure.



Qatch is mobile application that lest users capture life and share privately with their close friends. Qatch is made the real way. There is no "group" where you share with everyone in it (maybe you don't know everyone that well...?). With Qatch you choose selectively who you want to share what with, just the same way you would be selective in real life. Qatch is for your good, your bad and your blurry, your naughty and nice, the hilarious and amazing moments of your life. Available always for you, and just the right friends.



Nurx is a web platform delivering birth control in less than a couple of hours. The startup launched to bridge the gap between running out of birth control and waiting to get a new prescription. It added delivery of PrEP, an anti-HIV medication in 2016 and partnered with LabCorp to help patients get test results and a streamlined delivery process for needed HIV drugs. Getting the pill is pretty simple. You log onto the web app and input some info. Nurx then sends your info to one of its network of doctors who then write you up a quick prescription and Nurx readies your contraceptives for delivery. A friendly delivery person then brings the pills right to your door. No messing with the pharmacy or waiting in a doctor’s office necessary. In 2016 Nurx raisedraised $5.3 million in Series A financing from Union Square Ventures.



Lets change the way you eat. WorkEatPlay is a platform that takes the available spaces from our favorite restaurants, hotels, museums, and art galleries and retrofits them into workspaces with food and beverage. Spend your days working, eating, and playing with a community of like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs, and business travelers.



Varden Labs is a small, tight-knit company that's been building self-driving vehicles together for the past year. They're a proven team who's built multiple self-driving vehicles and tested them in the real world. They have big competitors who are pouring billions of dollars into self-driving, but they believe team, passion and focus will win out over raw size. Their experiences in self driving showed them a better, faster, cheaper way to bring the benefits of self-driving to the world. Since spring 2016 they've been working in stealth mode on an amazing new self-driving strategy.


Embark Drive

Autonomous vehicles will completely change how we organize our roads, our cities, and our lives. This technology promises to save lives, reduce emissions, and free up billions of hours for better working, playing, and living. Embark is working to make the self-driving future a reality. While most of the spectacle has been around passenger vehicles, we believe that commercial trucking, the backbone of our economy, stands to reap untold benefits by deploying autonomous trucks - particularly during the “long haul” stretches. Roads will be safer. Goods will be cheaper. Truckers will be called upon to use their skills in new ways while the truck itself becomes a trusted navigation partner. Embark Drive are developing the software that will serve as the truck’s central cortex: the intelligence that will drive the future of autonomous trucking.